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Van den Berg, Johannes.

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Robinson of St. Historians such as Comaroffs, Thorne, Van der Veer and Brian Pennington note that the representation of India in these reports must be examined in their context and with care for its evangelical and colonial ideology.

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I think I had a desire to follow Christ; but one idea occurred to my mind on hearing those words, which broke me off from the Church of England. Fuller said to Carey, "It is clear that there is a rich mine of gold in India; if you will go down I will hold the ropes. It was during these days of humble living that he drew a crude map of the world, marking the places where the Gospel had not been preached, reading Cook's travels that so deeply impressed him, and praying the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the great untouched portions of the world. He also encouraged the use of Indians as missionaries and led in the formation of the Agricultural Society of India in New York: G. They were happily married for 13 years until she died in May, , at age Missionary Heroes: William Carey. It is now centred by modern machinery and labour arrangements in Northampton itself, which has 24, shoemakers, and in the other towns, but a century ago the craft was common to every hamlet. Illness racked the family, and loneliness and regret set it: "I am in a strange land," he wrote, "no Christian friend, a large family, and nothing to supply their wants.

Stitch away, every prick of that little instrument is pricking into the heart of slavery. Wherever after that he lived, as boy or man, poor or in comfort, William Carey made and perfected his garden, and always for others, until he created at Serampore the botanical park which for more than half a century was unique in Southern Asia.

One who was present said, "If all the people had lifted up their voices and wept, as the children of Israel did at Bochim, I should not have wondered at the effect; it would only have seemed proportionate to the cause, so clearly did he prove the criminality of our supineness in the cause of God.

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He was generally one of the most active in all the amusements and recreations that boys in general pursue. Such prejudices affected the literature authored by Carey and colleagues.

Here in the scattered villages in this region of jungle, tigers and malaria, Carey now planted his hopes for missionary work.

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Withdrawal from the Board. John Thomas, recently home from Bengal and afire with missionary purposes, was appointed January 9, , missionary to India, and Carey was asked to join him rather than go to any other land. It was the day of adverse missionary sentiments and Carey and Thomas were destined to feel their full force. Maryknoll: Orbis Books, Encompassed by such a living influence the grandson spent his first six years. Also, in , Adoniram Judson , an American Congregational missionary en route to India, studied the scriptures on baptism in preparation for a meeting with Carey. Compelled to leave British Indian territory, he and his family moved to the Danish colony of Frederiksnagar, near Calcutta, in He was the eldest of five children.
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