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By the time I got to the dialogue, it was too late to turn back. If maybe the girl was transported to a horror nightmare world where walls were made of human skin, then yes by all means, add in those descriptions.

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It was eery and terrifying and you couldn't help wonder how you would react thrusted into a similar life threatening situation. Chyna passes Vess while traveling through a state park and intentionally crashes her car into a redwood tree. Sounds like this could be an exciting and thrilling and horrifying book right? Plot summary[ edit ] Chyna Shepard is a college student visiting the family of her friend, Laura Templeton, for a long weekend. Chyna is a great heroine. By the time I got to the dialogue, it was too late to turn back. Fascinated, he decides not to kill her immediately, wanting to see what she will do. After discovering that Laura has been tied up and raped , Chyna leaves, promising to return. Dressed in Vess's dog-training clothing, Chyna sprays ammonia on the dogs and makes it to the motor home with Ariel. The author bludgeons you over the head with the same, repetitive message. He taunts her for a while, revealing details about his past crimes. I read this sample when I wanted to test out the book to see if I would like it before buying it. Chyna hears Laura screaming and runs upstairs, intending to attack Vess with a knife. So already the believability of these characters has flown out the window of this speeding car.

A passing motorist stops to help them. This is still a great book, all these years after I first read it.

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Ironically, the antagonist Edgler Vess was an interesting character. She is trained to use guns and is inventive.

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I wanted a horror novel for the month of October and this seemed like a good candidate as any. He meets his match in Chyna, who repeatedly surprises him through the novel, and he even admits that she frightens him as he was not able to sense her twice in the novel.

Not knowing Laura is already dead, Chyna follows, hoping to save her friend, as Vess carries her body to his motor home — a dungeon and morgue on wheels.

These scenes were extremely visual and engaging to the point that I wish the entire novel had been written this way.

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Two years later he stabbed his grandmother to death because she didn't clean the bathroom to his satisfaction; he was judged in need of therapy, and was later adopted. Dressed in Vess's dog-training clothing, Chyna sprays ammonia on the dogs and makes it to the motor home with Ariel. But Chyna is now trapped in his dangerous orbit. Unbeknownst to Vess, Chyna, in hiding, witnesses much of this, and, armed only with a butcher knife, sneaks into the trailer hoping to save Laura. Maybe not ironic but rather a pity that our villain proved to be more interesting than our heroine. Vess murders Laura's parents, her brother and sister-in-law, then makes off with Laura in his big motor home. In the ensuing showdown, Chyna rams his police car, but he rolls clear and uses a shotgun to disable the motor home, causing it to tip over. Obsessed with the "intensity" of any particular experience, sensory and existential, Vess styles himself as a "homicidal adventurer" and has killed continually since childhood. If you like'd this novel may I suggest You're Next a great horror film with survivalist girl as the lead GIRLPOWER ; I'd also recommend High Tension but it is a well known plagiarism of this book and other then the different endings it is basically a carbon copy of Dean Koontz, and I don't support people who steal other's creative property. Chyna and Ariel escape the wreck, but Vess catches up to them and knocks Chyna to the ground while Ariel continues on, distracting Vess long enough for Chyna to pull a lighter from her pocket. Koontz's creation of Vess was inspired by Edmund Kemper , who, as Koontz stated in an interview: "killed his grandparents when he was 14 and was released at 21 when psychiatrists said he was no longer a threat to society. When Vess stops at a gas station, she sneaks out of the motor home and looks for a payphone.

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