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Skins can leverage this to deliver infinite design outcomes with a level of precision that simply is not possible any other way. But I honestly had expected Thesis 2 to challenge that position, and probably conquer it.

One of the best and most popular themes is Thesis. The speed is amazing.

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Flexibility — Does your design have options? It provides essentially zero functional leverage for the things Theme creators need to do. Thanks so much for your time you applied to my answering my question.

Warning: Thesis 2 contains geeky nomenclature en masse! Social media has completely changed the way we use the internet. It is an inevitable fact that even programming gurus encounter problems in building their websites.

Luckily, the programmers of Thesis have seen past that problem and devised an effective and efficient solution.

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I much prefer and heartily recommend Headway as the WordPress theme framwork of choice. In the same way that Boxes make it easy to deliver options within WordPress, Skins make it easy to deliver Design and Display Options that yield remarkable functionality. The Basics: Adding Options to WordPress Adding options is one of the most fundamental things Theme and Plugin developers must do if they wish to convey dynamic functionality to users.

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Design and Display Options make Thesis Skins remarkably flexible!

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