Euthanasia an analysis of an ethical dilemma

A study in showed increased survival of patients in a Newcastle hospice on high doses of morphine. Legalising euthanasia Arguments supporting euthanasia laws presuppose a world of ideal hospitals, doctors, nurses and families. Physicians should have the opportunity to explain to their patients that there is an option to end their pain and suffering should they wish.

Euthanasia debate

It is made worse by the fact that we, as a society, have lost touch with the spiritual concerns surrounding death. But given that some people do still request euthanasia, how do we proceed? Downing A, editor. Ethical and religious analysis on euthanasia. Conclusion Euthanasia, regarded as deprivation of life with compassion, as well as PAS, is complex issues that cause and raise numerous questions. What are we to do with this small group of people who rationally request that their lives be terminated after all our attempts to care for them are still not enough? What is going on?

Indian judiciary has recently declared a landmark decision declaring active Euthanasia illegal, contrary to constitution and hence punishable. Psychiatric speculations which arose during the approach of this issue were seen in the majority of the responses Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

What do we have to say to those who suffer? BMJ, Vol. Faculty of Law, University of Kragujevac, Serbia, pp. The philosophical case against the philosophical case against euthanasia —A reply to John Finnis. Open in a separate window Discussion The issue of the right to death with dignity is inevitably linked with ethics and morals.

Dying forces us to face the big issues of life — What does it all mean? Furthermore, there are certain demographic characteristics which reduce access to palliative care in the community - low income, non-urban location, acute care settings and nursing homes, ethnic or indigenous background, very old or very young age, and non-cancer diagnosis.

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Essay about The Ethical Dilemma of Euthanasia