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As it happens, both stories are about dolls - but the tales are very different.

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For after the darkest day, there is hope. Sunny looked into the puddle, planning to see her reflection. He says you are all very talented and hopes that you will keep on writing.

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You can, as long as you are adding to the mythology. But instead she saw Ice, with a tear in her eye. Then he would go outside and run around the yard still saying "Please help me Erika! But as soon as Sunny and Ice were in the house, Sunny notist that Ice was slightly smaller than before. When ever Matt gets in trouble he gets yelled at all day, and the next day he won't even talk, not even one word would come out of his mouth. See, in the end, it is just a date on the calendar. After that Sunny went outside to play in the snow. Yeah, overall, the first film is a disaster and has possibly one of the evilest Christmas stories I think I have seen.

By that time the ice doll was about the size of a pea. Help me, Help me! One of the things I found very annoying in many of the stories of My True Love Gave to Me is the amount of cynicism of the characters.

It was a small doll; that has about the size of her hand.

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Or you can contact Rebecca T. In other words, create a holiday tale that becomes a classic, one that audiences return to yearly… which can also pay the bills yearly as well. I think a part of that is we all have in us a little bitter child remembering that moment when they discovered that Santa is not real. Download Christmas Writing Competiton Winners. It pays the bills and, maybe, you will unwrap the golden present. Said Sunny, and then going to see what it was. Chris got a cool board game and played it peacefully. A story should not be lesser for happening around December 25th. Read by Natasha. Sunny looked into the puddle, planning to see her reflection. Chris could not fix or help with this. And if you decide to write a holiday tale, you need to give it the same amount of time you would give any other work you attempt.

I will, I will!

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How to Write a Brilliant Christmas Short Story for Children