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The biggest compliment I ever received came from an employee at the Equitable Life Assurance Society. Does the magazine target teen girls or CEOs? Too many writers begin their publishing journey the wrong way. The writer, the editor and the publisher don't want the conversation to end at the full-stop of the feature article. Build relationships with magazines. It sounds just like what most high school students are told when writing an essay. Editors want to work with writers who turn in clean copy that requires minimal edits.

Every magazine has its own list of instructions about the subjects, approach, and tone that you need to use.

The Finishing Touch: A conclusion is the final statement that brings together all your ideas and evidence. If they say yes, then you never have to feel awkward about sending a follow-up.

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Structure is very important when telling a story, especially for a feature article, it is what holds the piece together clearly. Build relationships with magazines.

I love what I do. For instance, trade magazines are targeted to professionals working within a certain industry.

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Read relevant resources and if needed, interview other experts. Primary Sidebar. They can write for one or more publications at the same time and are paid per article or per word.

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