Invention is the mother of necessities

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What are the 4 vehicles of diffusion ways that ideas or items move top of page ? Would-be inventors, motivated by the prospect of money or fame, perceive the need and try to meet it.

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Great stuff. What Would Lisa Suennen Say? Those translations weren't made until much later than the phrase was in common use in English and are more likely to be the work of the translator than being a literal version of Plato's words.

Is all this tech stuff really necessary in the true sense of the word?

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Even American and European schoolchildren reared on Gutenberg hagiography soon learn that China had printing long before Gutenberg. During the Paleolithic time, many technological inventions were created, each with a necessary purpose.

I can only imagine what we might start 3D printing if left to our own devices.

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The assembly line was also invented during the 19th century, speeding up the manufacturing of products in factories. See what I mean? He saw many changes take place in his lifetime. He renamed the band The Mothers, referring to the jazz compliment of mother for a great musician. Here it is. It also overstates the importance of rare geniuses, such as Watt and Edison. If Gutenberg himself hadn't devised the better alloys and inks used in early printing, some other tinkerer with metals and oils would have done so. So I agree with half of what my kids were taught -- the part about the importance of printing. Why was Renaissance Europe ready to make use of the millennium's best invention while Minoan Crete was not? Astonishingly, the symbols of the Phaistos disk weren't scratched into the clay by hand, as was true of most ancient writing on clay, but were instead printed by a set of punches, one for each of the 45 signs. In , motor vehicles were still expensive, unreliable toys for the rich. What nomadic hunter-gatherer really wants to carry pots? Transistors were invented in the United States, but the country's electronics industry ignored them to protect its investment in vacuum-tube products; it was left to Sony in bombed-out postwar Japan to adapt transistors to consumer-electronics products. Still other devices, invented to serve one purpose, eventually found most of their use for other, unanticipated purposes. People started to venture outside of the traditional mindset established by their elders, and the new generation made a great impact on the American lifestyle.

However, one fact is for certain: the origin of Greek alphabet does not mean the origin of the writing system to the Greek language. The proverb was known in England by the 16th century, although at that point it must have been known to very few as it was then documented in its Latin form rather than in English.

What do the following terms mean: "blueprint copying" and "idea diffusion"? Intensive postwar lobbying by truck manufacturers and armies finally convinced the public of its own needs and enabled trucks to begin to supplant horse-drawn wagons in industrialized countries.

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When Invention is the Mother of Necessity