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A student has to emphasize on the above chapters to answer the problems otherwise they can utilize the choice in the second section. Mostly problems will be from motion in a straight line, motion in a plane, work-power-energy, system of particles, oscillations, surface tension, gas laws, kinetic theory of gases. Preferably they are to be answered in the same order as in the question paper. II Structural organization in plants -Root stem modifications and types of racemose inflorescences should be studied for LAQs. Students can easily understand these topics and complete with in the short duration. Mon,December 4, AM Jr. Proudly powered by the endless void of our space. Section II contains 8 short answer questions in which 6 must be attempt.

Students has to answer all the 10 questions without choice. Mon,December 4, AM Jr. Use the rest of time to verify the answer script.

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A continuous practice of drawing diagrams is required to score high III Reproduction in plants -SAQs and LAQs are important from this unit Process of fertilization, structure of embryo sac, microsporangium, post fertilization changes are important for LAQs.

A question with more marks will be considered for evaluation.

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Which test are you preparing for? In previous year examination more importance was given student need some extra time to complete this unit. So that if the students complete those chapters in the beginning of their preparation, they can score more marks easily.

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Comparative study is required for this chapter.

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Board of Intermediate Education AP,First Year Model Papers