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Four schools are also being run by this trust, and it provides financial support to people in need. At the age of 15, he had worked more than But as such, they reached a refugee camp in Amritsar. In the year , his marriage was from Leelawanti. From there, he built the entire group to one of India's leading spices manufacturer expanding to 15 factories. By taking possession of an empty plot in Karol Bagh, Dharmapal had made his first Ashana in Delhi but now the challenge of employment was in front of him. Dera Baba Nanak reached the border when Gulati family migrated from Pakistan after passing some days in Sialkot Refugee Camp and that was to cross the Pakistan border and reach Amritsar the next day. From which he bought a horse and Carriage of rupees and thus he became a Tangewale. Despite his age, Dharampal takes all major business decisions. MDH has offices in Dubai and London. After that, he brought him to the morning service hospital and then he went to Ludhiana, and from there he moved to Delhi. But in addition to the work of pepper spices, he did not get any other work, so Dharmapala decided to step on his old business.

Dharmpal, who runs a very good shop in Sialkot, On that small shop, he started working hard to Spices cognate and grind chilly, Gradually started to bring their hard work. Speaking to The Economic Times last year, he said, "My motivation to work is being sincere in product quality sold at affordable prices.

During partition, the family migrated from Pakistan to India, and stayed at a refugee camp in Amritsar for a while.

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The year-old has made a mark across the country, but has faced many hardships and struggles to reach there. He invested Rs from the Rs 1, he had borrowed from his father to the carriage and took passengers from Connaught Place to Karol Bagh.

This cycle continued for almost two months and one day suddenly Dharmapal realized that it is difficult for him to run a Carriage. At the age of 18, Dharmapala married Leelawanti. Dharampal quit school when he was in the fifth standard to help his father at the shop.

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A school drop out, Gulati joined his father's spice business in Sialkot and, after partition, moved to India where he opened a shop in Karol Bagh in Delhi. On Sunday, a number of reports claimed that the king of spices passed away at a Delhi hospital.

He restarted his family business, and began selling spices.

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