Peanut butter making business plan

The peanut butter production business plan ought to include a proper marketing plan to use in your peanut butter business. This article will explain how to start a peanut butter manufacturing business in Zimbabwe and the peanut butter manufacturing business plan.

The manufacturing process If you want to produce a neat and high quality peanut butter, you need to set up a groundnut shelling plant. The United States of America " Or are you just looking out for an extra stream of income to augment your meager earnings?

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If you decide to source for shelled groundnuts, then there will be no need for you to buy the groundnut sheller. Peanuts are harvested from late August to October, while the weather is clear.

Do they have good quality? Other factors which may determine the location include: proximity to raw materials, availability of affordable labour and electricity.

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Dietary fiber is one of the most important parts of our diet since a lack of dietary fiber can lead to several health problems and diseases such as constipation, diabetes, cholesterol, and various heart diseases.

It grinds the roasted groundnuts till smooth peanut butter is produced. Salt one teaspoon Brown sugar or honey one and half cupadd according to taste. Peanut butter manufacturing is a very profitable business which can even been done at a small scale using little capital.

The production process guarantees competitive pricing and marketability. The number of employees you need will depend on the size of your peanut butter production business.

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How to Grow Peanut Butter Business