Tvxq live in bangkok

tvxq circle concert 2019

After three fast-paced opening tracks, TVXQ greeted the fans with sawatdeekrap. If the original song sounded melancholy, singing together like this made the song sound sweeter.

The guards checked the bags and when they found banners or lightsticks that have nothing to do with TVXQ, they would not allow it to enter the venue some fans successfully sneaked in that kind of goods though.

Tvxq live in bangkok

The duo's Japanese tours have set numerous records: they were the first Korean music act to headline a five-Dome tour, [5] the first foreign music act to hold a concert in Japan's largest venue, the Nissan Stadium , [6] and the first and only foreign act to attract over 1 million people on a Japanese tour. The epic red ocean filled the venue. Accompanied by several dancers wearing black outfits and red gloves, he performed with such charisma that could only be obtained from years of experience. While Changmin took a rest backstage, Yunho was performing his solo song Bang. It was the duo's last headlining concert tour before taking their indefinite hiatus to enlist in South Korea's compulsory military service. The gentle melody of the song was accompanied by a sillhouette of a ballerina dancing on the big screen. The next song was taken from Tense, Double Trouble. Next is the session that we had been waiting for: the acoustic medley! Their third and last concert tour as a quinet, the Mirotic Tour, was announced to tour cities beyond South Korea, China, and Thailand throughout and , but the remaining concert dates were cancelled [2] soon after members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu entered a legal battle with their Korean agency S. Spellbound choreography might not be as intricate as Something, but the casino concept is finely reflected through its details such as card-shuffling movement. Changmin also made the fans scream to the top of their lungs as he took off his shirt and splashed a bottle of water on his head. Yet before that, a cute VCR was played. The acoustic session in Bangkok was a bit different. Changmin already took off his jacket at that time, leaving the fans breathless! But the fans still stayed at their position, watching the concert preparation VCR with I Swear as the background song.

Remember that movement in Humanoid when Yunho is lifted by the dancers and Changmin walks under him? Each of them also brought the red lighstick. The duo just slayed the stage with their fiery performance, especially during the extended dance part. They continued to spellbind the audience with, of course, Spellbound.

Tvxq concert bangkok 2019

Thankfully we still managed to get the lightsticks. Here Cassies lifted up the banners that they had prepared. They continued to spellbind the audience with, of course, Spellbound. This song is very monumental both for TVXQ and Cassies as it defined their mammoth comeback after a hiatus. The next song was taken from Tense, Double Trouble. While roaming through his library, Changmin found a book with the word Cassiopeia written on it. Yunho appeared in matching zebra-patterned shirt and blazer, and Changmin looked flamboyant in red blazer.

After imagining going around with a van while actually Changmin was riding a broom, instead of a vanthey ended up setting their tents at the frontyard. Changmin questioned whether his shorts were too short, but we thought nobody would make a protest about that!

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Smoothly, TVXQ and the dancer team handled the ropes and executed the choreography well. We decided to collect our tickets first at the ticket box. For the next session, TVXQ changed their clothes. They took the cart once again to go back to the main stage and while riding it, they distributed roses to the fans both at floor and tribune sections. The duo just slayed the stage with their fiery performance, especially during the extended dance part. Changmin could only look at his hyung in confusion everytime Yunho acted silly. If in other cities they wore jackets, in Bangkok the jackets were changed into vests. The epic red ocean filled the venue. Yunho and Changmin might not be in their early 20s anymore, but they never run out of energy onstage and always give their best when doing live performance. They finally decided to go camping.

When he walked to the additional stage, fans were all nervous because they knew what would happen next. They added some new movements, like high-kicking.

One word to describe the whole KYHD performance: burning.

tvxq concert 2019

Wanting to get closer to fans at tribune sections, they took the cart to go to the small stage. Yet before that, a cute VCR was played.

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